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Sanziana A. Roman, M.D., FACS

Sanziana A. Roman, M.D., FACS

Professor of Surgery
Division of General Surgery
Section of Endocrine Surgery
Director of Learning and Teaching
in the Procedural Specialties
Dean’s Diversity Leader for Leadership
Equity and Inclusion
UCSF School of Medicine

Contact Information

1600 Divisadero Street, Room A726 Box 1674
San Francisco CA 94143
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Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 1990 B.A.

Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York, NY 1994 M.D.

  • Yale New Haven Hospital, New Haven, CT Internship 1994-95
  • Yale New Haven Hospital, New Haven, CT General Surgery Residency 1995-99
  • American Board of Surgery, General Surgery
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Education
  • Health Services
  • Outcomes Analysis
  • Patient Reported Outcomes
  • Professional Development
  • Romanian, German, French, Italian, Spanish

Sanziana A. Roman, M.D., FACS is Professor of Surgery with a clinical interest in endocrine and minimally invasive surgery, with a focus in thyroid and adrenal diseases, including pediatric and adult endocrine tumors. She is one of few high-volume adrenal surgeons around the country performing posterior retroperitoneoscopic adrenalectomy. She is the author of more than 180 peer-reviewed publications in outcomes analysis, cost-effectiveness/decision analysis, meta-analysis, and survey-based methodologies, as well as stem cell research.

Dr. Roman currently serves as the Director of Learning and Teaching in the Procedural Specialties and the Dean's Diversity Leader for Leadership Equity and Inclusion in the School of Medicine at UCSF. She has a national and international reputation in endocrine surgery and education, having served as the Co-Director of the Fellowship Programs of the American Association of Endocrine Surgeons, and is an active member of leadership committees of several national academic societies, including the American Association of Endocrine Surgeons, the Association for Academic Surgery and the American Thyroid Association.

Prior to her arrival at UCSF, she was a tenured Professor of Surgery at Duke University, where she served as the Director of the Endocrine Surgery Fellowship Program and the Associate Chief of the Division of Advanced Oncologic and Gastrointestinal Surgery.

Dr. Roman organized a symposium about women in surgery, reported on in the World Journal of Surgery in June 2018. The result was powerful testimonials from women surgeons, from Europe to the United States,from Africa to Australia and Asia, reflecting the culture of the place where their career took place. Despite their cultural differences, they all had in common the struggle to establish themselves in the surgical profession, traditionally a male-dominated field.

Dr. Roman's research interests are in health services, clinical trials, and translational research. The endocrine research group has included collaborators from endocrinology, stem cells, biostatistics, pharmacoeconomics, health services research, surgery, pathology, and medical and radiation oncology. Using sophisticated methodologic and biostatistical approaches, the research is focused on identifying ways to optimize patient clinical and economic outcomes following surgery and adjuvant treatments focused in the arena of thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal, and endocrine pancreas diseases. Practice guidelines have changed as a result of this work. Dr. Roman has experience working with clinical and administrative databases, including Medicare-SEER, NCDB, NSQIP, and HCUP-US NIS, SID, and SASD. In addition, she is interested in educational research and equity in medicine.

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